With every passing minute, the number of websites and web pages are increasing by MILLIONS across the web, making marketing on the Internet ever more complicated and challenging. Whether the business is small or large, you need to have substantial strategies, which ensure the constant and relevant traffic to your online presence. While the industry does indeed have its share of rogue traders, for the most part, internet marketing is full of honest people trying to make a living. If you have thought about learning internet marketing but were unsure, let me give you my top reasons why you should:

Bills aren’t going to pay themselves! The industry is wide and there are many different ways that you can make money from it, though there are three broad areas that cover them all:

COMMISSIONS: pre-selling someone else’s product for a fee for each one sold.

SELLING A PRODUCT: creating and selling your own physical or digital product.

SELLING SKILLS: selling a service based on your own skills, such as becoming an SEO adviser.

Each of these categories has many different sub-categories and they often overlap. The main take away is that no matter what your interests are, there will be an area of internet marketing where you can make money.  The best thing about making money with online marketing is that it gives you FREEDOM. If you don’t want to work today than don’t. If you want to work from your home office, the sofa, the nearby coffee shop or even the beach then you can. All you need to work is a laptop and an internet connection. It doesn’t mean that you can be lax and not do any work (push button systems don’t exist), but it means that you can choose when and where you do the work. Internet marketing is not a fad; it isn’t a scam either (though those do exist). it is an exciting way to make money, work how you want to work, and learn new things. Whatever your situation and your hopes and fears, you should take the plunge and learn internet marketing.

Internet marketing is not just about marketing.

It requires a wide variety of skill sets that you need in order to master it:IMG_6186

General marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website skills

Understanding analytics

Making videos